WWE Confessions

A blog dedicated to the most real and honest confessions every done about World Wrestling Entertainment. Feel free to submit your own confessions.

About me: Jessica, 23, from Austria, die-hard WWE/F-fan since birth. Favourite Wrestler of all time: Stone Cold Steve Austin

Best recent wrestler in WWE: Randy Orton, Daniel Bryan, CM Punk

Austin: “Want a beer?”

Punk: “What?”

Austin: “Want a shot of Whisky?”

Punk: “What?”

Austin: “Vodka?”

Punk: “What?”

Austin: “Anything?”

Punk: “What?”

(Source: youtube.com)


Welcome everyone to a brand new WWE Blog. This mostly will be dedicated to confessions. Everything will be said, nothing will be held back, some will agree, some don’t, but mostly we got a lot of fun. 

If you got confessions to make yourself, feel free to submit your own, I will take them up ASAP then.